Intro To SEO

When you’re just starting your business online you tend to sweat every detail, from the colors chosen to look best on the site to how to grow your services or business. You want everything to be perfect. So, it’s important to understand and consider how SEO details fit into your online business plans.

Our Phoenix SEO Company is here to help you get the best out of your website creation efforts. But, just what is SEO optimizing?


Search Engine Optimization: what it is?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which means it’s the methodology of strategies and techniques to increase the number of visitors to a website through obtaining high placement on a search engine result page on engines such as Google, Mozilla or other search engine services. By using SEO techniques to optimize your website, you improve your chances that your website will be discovered by search engines. Sometimes internet users won’t click through to a webpage no matter how well that site was designed or may look. So, having a great set of SEO practices in operation for your website to increase your website’s presence on a search engine will ensure your website is visited by the users you need.

How people look at a search engine or what was it I needed again?

When you’re building your web presence it’s important to understand how people use a search engine. In order to do this you need to understand your audience and what they are looking for. There are generally three things an internet user queries on a search engine.

Search engine optimization

Know: I need information like where is the best place to go hiking in the area.

Go: I want to go to a certain place on the internet like twitter or maybe to go
to the homepage of a service like CNN.

Do: I want to purchase an item like shoes or set up a doctor’s visit.

So ask yourself when a potential visitor lands on your homepage, will they find what they need? Your visitors need to find what they need, so be sure you can give to them. Remember that users interact with a search engine as follows.

A user:

  • Desires a solution to a query, problem or need.
  • Types a string of phrases into a search bar to gain information.
  • Reviews relevant returned results.
  • Will choose a result.
  • Scans opened result for information.
  • Searches again with a new query if the first result isn’t satisfactory to their query.